New Student Info

Starting Tae Kwon Do or any martial art may seem quite a daunting task, you may have seen people doing the splits, breaking boards with their bare hands and feet leaping into the air at an object or even towards a person, etc, therefore it is understandable  why beginners could feel intimidated before putting their foot through the door.

1068964_10201001239705502_2034697140_nWhat you have to remember is that these people have been training for years to do these tasks and they originally started in the same position as you are in now when they first decided to begin training in the Martial Arts. They have all learned the basics one step at a time and progressed through the grading’s (the different coloured belts) towards the coveted Black belt.

You will start off learning the basic moves to gain coordination with the hands and feet while slowly increaseing your levels of fitness and flexibility, and no you don’t have to be able to do the splits before you start.